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Are you looking for a Human Resources Consultant?

Is your company compliant with current employment law?

Have you got an employment related dispute which is escalating into a potential claim?

Do you have inexperienced managers who need further development?

Do you experience high levels of absenteeism that you want to reduce?

Do you want to reduce your headcount but are not sure of the correct protocols to follow to stay in-line with statute?

Are your employment contracts up to date and in line with statutory law and GDPR requirements?

Do you find it difficult hiring the right people and retaining them?

Would you like advice on an employee related matter?

Would you like to put in place an HR handbook or policies and procedures that are bespoke to your business?

Do you know how to safely dismiss an employee whilst minimising risk of a claim?

Are your contracts of employment relevant to the type of people you employ?

Do you want assistance with an employment tribunal claim?

Do you want to settle an employment dispute at the lowest possible cost?

Are you unsure if you are compliant with working time regulations?

Do you want to want to safely dismiss a difficult employee or in difficult circumstances?

Do you want help with a grievance or disciplinary matter?

Would you like a free HR health check?

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