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Are you looking for a business management consultant?

Are you experiencing cash flow problems?

Is your business over trading?

Do you need to raise more capital, but are finding the high street banks won’t help?

Would you like to know more about alternative finance solutions, like crowd-funding?

Does your business have pressing creditor or HMRC arrears?

Are you struggling to collect payment from your invoices?

Does your business need to get back on ‘track’?

Do you have a business dispute that needs resolving?

Would you like to find investors to help grow your business?

Are you considering expanding your business but are concerned about the costs?

Are you getting the best returns from your existing customers?

Is your sales and marketing business strategy working effectively?

Are you now GDPR compliant when engaging with your clients?

Have you been meaning to review your costs, overheads and suppliers, but never find the time?

Do you need assistance with contract negotiations?

Could some plain and simple ‘problem’ solving be invaluable to you?

Is your accountant providing effective tax advice and guidance?

Does your business need re-structuring and re-organisation?

Are you considering selling your company and want to maximise the outcome?

Do you know how to prepare your business for sale so it can effectively by sold for the highest price?

Does your business need rescuing before it’s too late?

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